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CCNA Lab Manual—3

Post by Egbert » Dec 22, 2018

Learn from the beginning of CCNA experiment
table of Contents
Lab 1: Basic Configuration of Cisco Devices
Lab 2: Backup and Restore IOS
Lab 3: Backing Up and Restoring Configuration Files
Lab 4: Switch Password Recovery
Lab 5: Router Password Recovery
Lab 6: Basic Configuration Commands Comprehensive Lab Training
Lab 7: Configuring the Switch Management Address and Default Gateway
Lab 8: Configuring VLAN
Lab 9: Configuring trunk
Lab 10: Configuring DTP
Lab 11: Configuring One-Way Routing
Lab 12: Configuring Layer 3 Switches Inter-VLAN Communication
Lab 13: Configuring STP, RSTP, and Load Balancing
Lab 14: Configuring Layer 2 Etherchannel
Lab 15: Configuring Switch Port Security
Experiment 16: Exchange Comprehensive Experimental Training
Lab 17: Configuring Static Routes
Lab 18: Configuring Floating Static Routes
Lab 19: Configuring EIGRP Basic Commands
Lab 20: Configuring automatic summarization and manual summarization of EIGRP
Lab 21: Configuring EIGRP Equivalent and Unequal Load Balancing
Lab 22: Single-area OSPF basic configuration
Lab 23: Configuring OSPF Multi-Zone
Lab 24: Configure OSPF authentication.
Lab 25: Configure HSRP bookmarks.
Lab 26: Routing Comprehensive Experimental Training
Lab 27: Configure PPP and Verify Signature.
Lab 28: Configure Standard AC Bookmarks.
Lab 29: Configure extended ACL bookmarks.
Lab 30: ACL Comprehensive Experimental Training
Lab 31: Configuring Cisco DHCP
Lab 32: Configuring Cisco NAT Static Port Mapping
Lab 33: Configuring Cisco PAT Dynamic Overload Conversion
Lab 34: Configuring an IPV6 Address
Lab 35: Configuring IPV6 Routing Protocol - Static Routes
Lab 36: Configuring IPV6 Routing Protocol - EIGRP
Lab 37: Configuring IPV6 Routing Protocol - OSPFv3
Lab 38: Configuring a VPN—GRE Tunnel
Experiment 39: CCNA Comprehensive Experimental Training 1
Experiment 40: CCNA Comprehensive Experimental Training 2

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