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CCNA Preparation Guide

Post by Alfred » Dec 27, 2018

CCNA Exam Manual (Experimental Part)
640-801 Final
There are not many experimental aspectsrelated to the CCNA exam. The scope of the exam is always around the knowledgepoints of RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, VLAN, and ACL. The configuration methods for thesetest sites are described in detail in the lab manual. It is not repeated here;it is necessary to understand that most of the experimental questions in theexam belong to the type of troubleshooting, and more is to understand thecommand; the main purpose of this article is to familiarize the candidates.
The NA exam environment and lab questions,sort out the troubleshooting sequence and share some exam experience, I hope tohelp the XDJM who will pay for the exam.
The first part: OSPF troubleshooting
Cisco's exam system provides anexperimental exam interface through an embedded simulator, but its analogsystem seems to support more features than
Boson NetSim is still weak...
OSPF uses topology

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