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Name:NathanJoin In:Feb 21, 2019
CCNP300-135 has just passed the exam.

Post by Nathan » Feb 3, 2019

Just finished the CCNP last class at 15:00, I can finally relax.
First of all, I thanked Hongjun for giving me such a big help.
It took a total of seven months and 11 days from one to nothing to finish the NP.
Because the relationship of work can't be tested right away, it is dragged to the test today.
I have just passed the exam and the score is still high. There may be one or two questions.
The key point is to meet those questions:
Today I met 10 TT and 2 experimental questions and 10 questions.
Select + drag and drop the test in the question bank
The statement in question 4 has changed a bit, but the meaning is the same.
In addition, before the 9th and 13th questions, some people have mentioned the merger.
I also met today, but I don’t know the answer.
A question about OSPF fails to establish aneighbor adjacency and how to debug. (Choose two.)
A. debug ip ospf adjacency
B. Subnet mask must be thesame on both routers.
How will you troubleshoot OSPF adjacency issue?(Choose two.)
A. Using debug ospf adjacency command on a router
B. Process ID on the routers should match
C. Router IDs should match
D. Using debug ospf nsf command
Correct Answer: AD
I still chose debug ip ospfadjacency and Subnet mask must be the sameon both routers.
So I think the score I was deducted should be this question.
The rest are the same,
The experiment is that both questions are encountered. The content answers are the same as the question bank, and there is no change.
It’s all the key play,
TT is encountered is TT01.TT02.TT05.TT06.TT07.TT08.TT09.TT10.TT11.TT16
The TT02 is like the other people said before.
At Show running, I found that both ints0/0/0 and int s0/0/1 became ip natoutside
The other one is TT07
Set in the route map is
Route map OSPF→EIGRP deny 10
Match Tag 110
Route map OSPF→EIGRP deny 20
Match Tag 90
The above are the problems encountered today, I hope to be useful to everyone!

yeah,very good 

Jan 22, 2019

Jan 26, 2019

Congratulations, I am going to take the exam on March 12th, hoping to pass the exam.

Mar 7, 2019

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