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12.CCNA, CCNP configuration OSPF study notes summary

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Lesson 33 Link and Medium I, 100M Link
100Base‐ TX
Medium: UTP twisted pair (Category 5, Super5) Transmission distance: 100m
Connector: RJ‐45
Application scenario: Device - Terminal -End -
100Base‐ FX
62.5um‐mm: F400m (halfduplex), 2000m (full duplex) 9um‐ sm: F 10km
Medium: Fiber
Cable: adapt to outdoor, jumpers betweenbuildings: connectors at both ends
Pigtail: one end has a connector
Single mode: laser diode, far distance,yellow
Multimode: LED, within 10km, orange fiberoptic connector:
GBIC: Non-mainstream
SFP: Mains connector:
LC: Used to connect SFP SC: used to connectGBIC
FC: used for optical transceivers, opticaldistribution frames
Application scenario: internalinterconnection of the building or connection with the server Optical transceiver:photoelectric conversion applied to the local area network
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