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7.CCNA, CCNP configuration OSPF study notes summary

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Chapter 11 Network Address Translation(NAT: Network Address Translatio)
I. Introduction to NAT
NAT: network address translation
Ensure the uniqueness of the IP address.The private address needs to be converted into a public network address.
The data that the intranet meets isconverted to the source IP, and when the converted information data is recordedback to the intranet, the IP conversion is performed according to the NATrecord.
Advantages and disadvantages of NAT:
Advantages: Alleviate the lack of ipv4address space to hide the internal network
Disadvantages: NAT increases the dataforwarding delay and puts pressure on the device! Unable to implementend-to-end communication, affecting some specific applications ~
Second, NAT terminology
Inside loca: l host address assigned by theintranet, the private address will not be rendered

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