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6.CCNA, CCNP configuration OSPF study notes summary

Post by Geoff » Jan 20, 2019

Chapter 10 Security
First, ACL introduction
Access control lis visit t
Question control list
Data classification tool: distinguishes theflow of data to a network device, based on a specific data stream
Feature differentiation data
Features: source IP, source, destinationIP, protocol number, port number, and other information, ACL Purpose: Todistinguish data to perform the specified actions uniformly, packet filtering:Define discarded or released data feature. Discard some data; release some otherdata.
NAT: Define the address to be translated.IPSec/VPN: Define the data QoS to be encrypted: Differentiate different servicedata Routing policy: Define the route to be controlled to dial on demand;Define the traffic of interest
ACL classification:

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