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CCNA test process and precautions

Post by Kennedy » Nov 11, 2018

1. CCNA—Cisco Certified Network Engineer, is a Cisco Vendor Certification Exam. Exam requirements: There is no requirement for academic qualifications, majors, and age. Examination time: It is a business test. There is no fixed time for the test. You can book the test position in advance and you can take the test at any time. Exam location: All major cities in the country can take exams.
2. Exam questions, how to prepare for the exam Exam price 295 US dollars
CCNA exam code 200-120 (803), the test time is 140 minutes, the total score is 1000 points, the score is 825 points, the latest question bank version is V2.0. Exam questions: multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, and experimental questions. At present, the exam generally takes 48-53 questions, three test questions, and one-to-three questions for the draft questions. Sometimes, the questions are not tested, and the rest are multiple-choice questions.
(1) The multiple-choice question is the original question. The description of the questions and options is the same as the question bank, and the order of the answers will change.
(2) dragging the map, calculate the subnet mask of some drag-and-drop questions, is to drag the left IP address to the corresponding position on the right map, the IP address will definitely change during the exam, the question type is exactly the same, When you look at the question bank, you should understand the mastery.
(3) The experimental question, the main test three "one EIGRP two ACL", the newly added two experimental questions OSPF Neighbor and EIGRP Troubleshooting, may not be able to test, the question type, test sites, the method of doing the same, experimental data There will be changes.
(4) Scores. There is no specific score for each question in the CCNA exam. The score is 300 points, and 300 points for one question. The multiple-choice questions and the drag-and-drop questions are about 13 or 4 points. The four questions in the experiment are about 400 points.
How to prepare for the exam
(1) Preparation time: The experience of the general test-seekers, you can pass the test smoothly after reading the test bank four or five times in one to two weeks. There are VCE test questions for the simulated test. The children's shoes before the test can be tested several times, and 50 questions are randomly selected. The general test score is 900-950 points, and you can go to the test.
(2) Preparation materials:
You may have a lot of ways to despise this kind of question bank to take the exam. The current status is like this. Cisco exams are all in English. CCNA exam questions are also very difficult. If you just finished the CCNA course and then did not read the question bank to take the exam, I can say that the probability of hanging up is definitely more than 90%. The exam is an exam, the study is a study, and the exam fee is equivalent to about 2,000 oceans. Who is willing to take the money to take risks.
4. (1). You need to carry two documents when you take the test:
The matching of documents must be in accordance with: one type of certificate + one type of certificate or one type of certificate + two types of documents
One type of document (with photo, within the validity period)
1 body + share + card 2 passport 3 Hong Kong and Macau Pass 4 Taiwan Pass 5 Driver's License 6 Military Officer's Card 7 Social Security Card
Type II documents (within the validity period)
1 Credit card 2 There is a name on the front, a bank card with a signature on the back or a CPF card. 3 A photo insurance card with a photo. The current status is a student ID card with a student and a stamp. 5 Name, a work permit with a signature in the signature column
Note: It is best to arrive at the test center half an hour in advance!
(2). Questionnaire before the exam, the question is to ask how long you are preparing for the exam, what kind of textbook do you see, how do you know cisco, whether you are self-study or training, how far is your home from the test center, your education level, These don't matter. However, if you are under the age of 18, you must choose YES. If you do not agree with the CISCO agreement, you must choose "Agree". If you don't understand, you can ask the examiner.
After the agreement, the END option in the lower right corner of the questionnaire page, the test system automatically starts to extract questions from the server. The day has been downloaded from Australia by the test center and stored in the server.
There is an animated demonstration in front of the exam. Candidates can watch it or not. Candidates can use this time to adjust their mood. After a few seconds, the topic is drawn, the candidate can click START, the official exam begins.
5. Candidates who take the CCNA exam for the first time must pay attention to some aspects:
The following content needs to be replied to see
In the CCNA exam, you are not allowed to go back and do the problems that you didn't do before, so be careful not to click on the button quickly when you click the "NEXT" button, so as to avoid the situation of directly connecting a question.
Be sure to copy run start after the experiment is configured. Otherwise, it will be deducted. Next, when configuring the router, switch to the graphical interface, and then click the computer connected to the router through the configuration line to enter the configuration mode of the corresponding router. After configuring the router, you must copy run start. After all the routers are configured, click "Next continues.
The multiple choice questions in the exam are the circle prompts, the multiple choice questions are box prompts, and there are no indefinite choice questions. If you select more, an error box will pop up to prompt you.
If there is a crash or other accident in the exam, it is recommended to contact the staff of the test room immediately and hand it over to them. In general, after the computer is restarted, the previously completed questions will be recorded. The CCNA exam time is very sufficient. Don't worry, if the accident happens to waste a lot of time, which will affect your exam, you can negotiate with the exam room and reschedule the exam.
After all the questions have been completed, select END EXAM and jump out of the test paper.
After the test, the results on the spot, PASS, will immediately see the test results, showing Congratulations, huh, huh, passed the exam!
Out of the examination room, the examiner will hand you the printed transcript, and the transcript must be saved. This is one of the evidences that you passed the exam.
6. After registration, you need to register on the Cisco Certification Tracking System after two working days to ensure that you receive the certificate. The certificate is mailed from the United States and is usually mailed for four to six weeks.

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