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9.20 200-125 CCNA exam 929 points PASS

Post by Adam » Dec 3, 2018

I thought it would arrive early, and the result was a traffic jam at the early peak. Fortunately, it was just arrived, without a copy of the ID card, and ran to copy, which was delayed for ten minutes. ( y: \# o; x- o. S/ E
Sign before the exam, take photos, read the exam notes, etc. There are only two computers in the examination room, the machine is old, but it is not a card. The invigilator reminded me that if I felt that it was noisy outside, I could take the headphones to soundproof, and then I went out.
After the confirmation is correct, the test is started. First, the test system guides, you can watch how to answer, and you can operate the example yourself, not counting the test time, and then officially enter the test.
A total of 53 questions, multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, experimental questions are randomly appearing, it seems that my 10th question is the first experimental question, is the configuration of vlan, not difficult, but be careful. Later, I encountered the experimental multiple choice question of tunnel. Although it is the same as the topology of the question bank, many of the wrong points are different from the question bank. It is still a little nervous, more show run, more check, and the experiment is quite time-consuming. # J, _/ Y; A( m% q
The multiple-choice questions and the question bank should be basically the same, but some of the multiple-choice questions are not recorded. The drag-and-drop questions are the original questions of the question bank, and there is no big problem. : Q! P/ ? c0 y1 }% m7 g3 ?
A total of 90 minutes have been made. After the submission, the results will be passed and passed smoothly.

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