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[Discussion / Help] CCDA VS CCNP

Post by Jeremy » Jan 3, 2019

Hi~ Hello everyone.
My name is Fan, 21 years old this year, girl. In foreign countries. There are some problems now, I hope that the seniors will advise. thank you all!
First of all, I am interested in the network and want to continue.
Again, I am working hard and having a better grade.
Talk about my problem,
I have been studying the Internet for two years, and I took CCNA at the beginning of the year. The question now is whether to continue CCNP or choose Design CCDA->CCDP?
My concern is 1. There are a lot of people, will it make me lose my competitiveness?
2. If CCNP is after-sales, CCDP is pre-sales (do not know if this analogy is appropriate) Is the girl better before the sale? Less hands-on?
3. Does CCNP mean that I can only do maintenance? Just the company's accessories? (hopefully not offended to people) will earn less, and hard work?
My concern is 1. Before a tutor said that the design people in the company were all masters, then did you say that? Must read a CCDP with a high degree of education?
In addition, he told me that the design aspect is more abstract, abstract, I think he is saying that most people will not choose to read that? Hard to read?
But conversely, I have already tested CCNA. Should I continue with NP? If I get the NP, I have already gotten a foothold in this field, after work. When you get in touch, you have more things to touch, and you can choose what you are doing. What do you think?
I am very sincere to ask questions, because there is really no one around me who can help me. If I am wrong, please forgive me. I hope that the seniors will give pointers. Thank you!

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