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[Discussion / Help] Talk about CCNP learning methods

Post by Humphrey » Jan 10, 2019

1. First ask yourself, what is the most realistic purpose of learning NP.
If you are a college student, a secondary school, a high school student. Most of the purpose is to learn more useful knowledge and skills through a certification. Take a good job. Have a good start. This should be the first place to put a solid foundation theory and skilled basic experimental operations. Don't die, deduct every knowledge point. A lot of knowledge is not done overnight. It takes time to run in, and it is combined with engineering practice.
If working people, and work-related. Most of the purpose is to prove their professionalism in this area through certification. There is a better development platform. Then we should focus on the depth of the theory and the depth of the experiment.
If a family is cross quit, you should learn the same way and students.
have a clear direction of learning, the next would be much easier.
2. Before going to the training class, it is best to go through the book yourself. It doesn't need to be very detailed. The point is to look at the book's knowledge points as a whole and leave an impression on your mind. For the basic concept, the basic theory is best to think about it first. It is enough to leave a mark (to take the class with the question). I can go to class.
class on how, in fact, this is art. Everyone's learning method is not the same. But the universal application still exists.
3. It is best to prepare a notebook, record the lecture framework, key points, difficulties, engineering experience of the class teacher. This is very useful for later review. It can outline and help you remember the knowledge you have learned. There is no need to record all the knowledge points. However, the teacher's key points of explanation, difficult questions, and repeated explanations must be recorded. Also, the most important thing is that the general teacher will talk about a certain knowledge point and will explain some related engineering experience. This is the most valuable. Others can not remember, this you do not remember, the gold ingot you put, you do not, and no one forced you.
4. Every time you finish class, it is best to go back and take a moment to look at the knowledge points you have just learned. This is the second time reading a book. After the teacher explained it, the effect should be much better this time. But this time the book must be seen, and it is a complete and complete reading all the knowledge on the book, thinking about it!
5. The experimental steps should be fast with the ground, seriously . Each time after completing a course, such as the course that has been completed in the past two weeks, it is best to kill the route experiment. It is best not to drag. Can not afford, drag, long time, the previous knowledge forgot to say, the cycle of learning NP has also lengthened a lot.
6. Seriously do TK. In the end, this is the gun. TK is actually a good learning material. Don't treat it as a simple read-back material. This is the same as the college exam. The biggest difference between a certification exam and a college exam is the practicality of what you are learning. The certification exams generally learn the techniques that will be used in the future. It is well mastered now, and the effect on future work is very obvious. Therefore, for TK, every question and every question is thought to be done in a book. 90% of the questions can be done right by yourself, even if the theory passes.
7. Finally the examination room, is open to examination. If you follow the similar method above, you will find that the NP exam can be so easy.

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