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New CCNP routing, switching, troubleshooting questions and number of questions

Post by Elvis » Dec 29, 2018

The full name of CCNP is: Cisco Certified Network Professional - Cisco Certified Network Senior Engineer. NA is valid for three years. If you want to test NP's children's shoes, you need to test one NP in three years. The first NP test will complete the remaining two NPs within three years. Children's boots need to pay attention to the fact that each exam is valid for three years. Only three NP exams pass and are valid at the same time. CCNA is valid to get CCNP. Test one NP, NA is extended for three years, so NA fast-expiring children's shoes can choose to test an NP re-certification.
! d g1 r6 U8 \3 E
CCNP includes three doors, 300-101 routing, 300-115 switching, and 300-135 troubleshooting. The exam questions for the Cisco exam are randomly selected. The CCNP exam has the same question type as CCNA. The score is 1000 points. The score is 790 points, 790 points, and 846 points. The number of questions is probably as follows. I hope to help the children's shoes of the NP: Z* H9 y8 i, H6 ]7 _) ?" J7 h
1 Q. ( d! P8 x6 F
300-115 exchange, three test questions often taken:
STP Case
LACP with STP 4 Z( p/ d4 s1 Y1 i d
" o7 v! E$ K: J
300-135 wrong test 10 or so TT questions, each is 3 questions, 3 questions are probably: the first question is that the device is wrong, the second question is what is wrong, the third question is how to modify the error .

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