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[Discussion / Help] After Paper has finished CCNP, what else does it do?

Post by Earl » Jan 6, 2019

I think these words of mine will help us with these papers and friends who just learn ccnp!
Don't ask what you can do first? Ask yourself what you will do first?
I did not think that NP is stronger than NA, but was seduce by cisco's training system. In order to solve many puzzles, I learned NP. Those who used to yell at the backrest TK NP on the forum were paper. Now they find that even if they have tried their own efforts, they have no practical work experience, and the same is paper.
When I apply for this company, I come up with two pages of questions, one page about the network, from network terminology to router configuration description, from product selection to topology analysis; one page is about operating system, UNIX, windows2000, exchange and many more. I was lucky enough to enter this company, thinking that NP can do a great job, who knows that it is dumbfounded to work.
When I learned cisco, I knew pix. Now I realize that pix is ​​just rubbish. The firewall from checkpoint, netscreen, nokia to the low-end sonicwall, fortigate has no basis, no way, learn ing.
I hold the cisco equipment every day to do experiments in the school, I feel very skilled, and now the customer's environment is very complicated, so 3com, quidway, big
Hammer, Lenovo, Maipu, all come up, no way, learn ing.
Storage is very popular, so companies are rushing. So DAS, NAS, and SAN terminology are all over the place. You said that storage is not a network engineer, but SAN means storage area.
Network, this is the matter of the network, the fiber switch is about the network, there is no way to learn ing;
Customers want broadband access, don't think that just like a personal user, just pick up a modem. When you stand in the wiring room of the user CO and look at hundreds of thousands of telephone lines, can you tell the boss that NP does not teach how to debug the XDSL central office equipment? Check the manual, all E text, not afraid, when learning NP, NA is not all E text? The first time I found out that my English reading speed was so fast. At that time, I was mixed and passed away. After I came back, I was worried. I couldn’t help but learn ing.
The company engages in training, content F5. Don't think of it as the brother of the four fools in the Meteor Garden. It was originally a well-known traffic management software. The same kind of product is still packeteer, sighing and ignoring itself while trying to learn ing;
How much the operating system knows, let alone UNIX, is too general, I am asking AIX,
Solaris, HP-UX, SCO, of course, not only Windows2000 and Linux, will it? It doesn't matter, the information is here, so learn ing;
How many databases are clear? So come to a bunch of mysql, oracle, db2, sybase, infomix information, no way, learn ing;
Intrusion detection, physical isolation, vulnerability scanning, risk assessment, fresh terminology is heard every day, every day you know something you can't, and you are learning, learning, and learning every day...
So every day on the Internet, always hang in the leaves of some famous IT vendors to check the information, and at the same time in several famous forums, to find ways to solve problems, very busy, but also very substantial.
Therefore, you, brothers and sisters, don’t ask what you can do with NP. Ask yourself what you will be. The NP certificate is also a key that allows you to enter the door of the online world. The world here is wonderful, and the world here is also very helpless. Learning NP does not mean that it can be done once and for all, but it can lay a foundation for you to be able to bypass the work in the future, but there is only one way to really be a network engineer: keep learning!
Are you ready for these?
Are we ready?

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