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11.CCNA, CCNP configuration OSPF study notes summary

Post by Geoff » Jan 30, 2019

4 VRRP for load balancingIn VRRP, a router can be added to multiplebackup groups. Load balancing can be implemented through multiple backup groupsettings.As shown in Figure 2, Router A is themaster router of backup group 1 and the backup group 2Backup Backup router. Router RouterB is theopposite, as a backup group 2Master, and for backup group 1Backup Backup router. Some hosts use thevirtual IP of backup group 1 as the gateway, and the other part uses the backupgroup.2's virtual IP as a gateway. In this way,both the sharing of data streams and the mutual backup are achieved. Router configuration (actual IP, RouterA:, RouterB: )Thetwo routers are backups of each other. When

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