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How to build your own CCNP lab?

Post by Lennon » Nov 22, 2018

Participating in or having a good CCNP lab is an important part of CCNP learning! So what equipment does NP Lab need? What kind of equipment can measure the real situation of a laboratory? I hope that the following introduction can help you choose training or build your own NP lab.
BSCI Course: Approximately 12 routers are required, one of which acts as a core router and the other three. The core router must have multiple serial ports to simulate FrameRelaySwitch. For example, there are 2 CISCO4000 series routers with 4 serial ports.
The other 10 routers must have at least one of 2610, 2611, 2620, and 2621, otherwise they will not be able to keep up with the actual working model. The other 6 units can be used in models such as 2503, 2514, and 2501.
The theoretical learning model: Except that the two 4000 are the necessary core routers, the remaining 10 machines do not need 26, all use the 25 series.
BCRAN course: A minimum of one 4000 and two 2503 routers are available for all series of experiments. If there are conditions, it is best to use the 26 machine in the BSCI course with the ISDN module to operate.
Another 2 ISDN lines + two ordinary telephone lines + 4 Modem (two groups) are required, or a telephone switch is selected for the PSTN experiment.
The theoretical learning model: a minimum of one 4000 and two 2503 routers can be used to do all the series of experiments. It is recommended to do experiments without using the 25 series and the 26 series plus modules, so that you can directly adapt to the actual work needs.
BCMSN: This course requires more equipment and is the most expensive course. At least one Catalyst 5000 series switch (if you are too expensive, use Catalyst 2926 instead), 2 Catalyst 2924 switches or 1 Catalyst 1924, 1 or 2 The Catalyst 3550 can imitate actual engineering.
If there is no Layer 3 switch, you need a router with more than 2620 and 100M Ethernet ports for the multi-layer switch module, doing trunk experiment and HSRP. Under normal circumstances, the above equipment can not be less.
The theoretical learning model: The theoretical model is that this switch is not required for 3550. It is recommended that you still need this stuff. At present, there are more use of this layer 3 exchange. If you have a 400x series 650X series, it is better, but it is a bit expensive for individual or small and medium-sized training institutions. As for continuing to open CCIE training courses, it is another matter. Source: Exam - CISCO Cisco Certification

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