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10.CCNA, CCNP configuration OSPF study notes summary

Post by Geoff » Dec 27, 2018

Lesson 9 HSRPFirst, the basic concept of HSRPA proprietary hot standby router redundancyprotocol from Cisco; a protocol that addresses backup redundancy for active andstandby gateways.HSRP election: select the main gateway,backup gatewayVirtual IP: It is on the same networksegment as the real gateway but cannot be the same IP address; it only forms amapping relationship with the primary gateway.Target IP:; encapsulated by UDP,port number 1985Source IP: own interface IPTarget Mac: 00‐00‐0c‐07‐ac‐x generationx table //xx group number source Mac: own interface Mac address Reference RFC: rfc2281Second, the components of HSRP, the maingateway (active router): HSRP elects the router with the highest priority,mainly used to receive the data of the sending terminal PC to the externalnetwork, the backup gateway: HSRP elects the router with the second highestpriority Mainly used

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