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[SOLVED] I want to test CCNP certification! !

Post by Brandon » Mar 5, 2019

The CCNP Certified Network Engineer certification exam has been fully upgraded worldwide. The focus is on improving the design and execution capabilities of the network, and the ability to troubleshoot routing and switching networks, as well as preparing candidates for employment. CCNP is certified by CCNA

It provides an upgrade course and provides a solid foundation for those interested in CCIE courses. CCNP is also designed for network engineers who have at least one year of work experience and want to improve their skills and handle complex networks independently.

The new CCNP exam is open from March 2010 to April 2010.

The latest version of 642-813 has not changed much from the Japanese version of 642-812BCMSN.

The latest version of 642-902 has not changed much from the old version of 642-901 BSC.

The latest version of the 642-832 exam subject is based on the first two doors.

To get the new CCNPi book, you need to pass the following three exams:

1. Routing exam, number: 642-902, exam time 120 minutes!

2. Exchange exam, number: 642-813, exam time 120 minutes

3. TSHOOT (bug test), number: 642-832, test time 120 minutes (this course is the key to test the ability of network engineers)


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