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SOLVED] : Problems with configuring a diskless network using Cisco 1900 and 2950 switches

Post by Ethan » Mar 1, 2019

Web environment

Server: windows 2000 advanced serve

Diskless software: BXP3.0

Switch: Catalyst 1900, 2950, 3560 (only one of them)

Workstation: IBM ThinkCentre 2139 (integrated PXE-enabled Intel PE 100M NIC)

After installing the system according to the requirements of the BXP software (the Windows 2000 advanced server DHCP and other services are configured properly), the workstation and the server are connected to the 1900 switch, which is normal; but because the 1900 port rate is low, I want to use 2950 or

3560 switch, when the workstation can obtain the IP address from the server, but it has been waiting for the BXP service, the system does not reflect it; the 2950 and 3560 switches are used, but the 1900 switch is all normal; in addition, use 2950 or

When the 3560 switch is used, it is normal to change the workstation's network card to the 8139 network card. Depressed! Why is this? Where is the difference between 1900 and 2950?

Calling Cisco can't get through, emailing and telling me that the service needs to be purchased separately! ! ! !

Which is the boss can help me answer questions and confuse Ah? The younger brother is grateful! ! ! ! !

Note: All switches are factory default settings


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