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Just passed the first attempt of TSHOOT (CCNP completed!) - some ideas about ...

Post by Daniel » Jan 16, 2019

The tickets for TSHOOT are completely fair IMO, I know I have made them. However, the test environment is a bit slow and slow. Each ticket takes a long time to load, and I almost clicked on my first ticket because I thought my test was broken.
The only thing I was wrong with was a multiple-choice question that I didn't really prepare. This may be because I had to wait a month to take it after taking ROUTE because of the budget.
My advice to anyone who wants to take it is to take it as soon as possible after the second exam. It takes only a week or two to build a topology in homelab and actually practice interrupting/fixing it. Remembering the topology saves me a lot of time. In addition, it doesn't take too long, you can still get some new information from the other exams to choose the problem.
Ok, I am CCNP now, I am proud of it. I will enter CCIE for a short study break in a week or two.

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Congratulations, thanks for sharing.

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